First week in France

Logo dela Republique francaise

Well, I did it. I managed to sign all possible and impossible papers, to explain all real facts for stupid accountants and other fat-ass jerks in the department of bureaucracy and finally to get my visa (that actually was the easiest part).

Now I am in France. Actually I planned to post something just after my arrival. Things, however, went independently on my plan so I had to follow them and to forget about free time for a week. Now it’s my 8th day here. It’s only a small part of my internship left behind but I have experienced lots of things. I’ll try to describe them in this post. You, however, should expect that there will be a long text to read :).

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Simulation of a user’s behavior for testing. Part 1

Sometimes there is a need to look how a system works when it is used by users without launching it to production. Of course you can hire a lot of people and give them a task to use the system or put the system to the beta testing phase. In some cases that’s a good idea but sometimes it isn’t.

If enrolling of outsiders¬†is not applicable for some reasons it’s a good idea to write a testing appliance that simulates user’s behavior. In this article I describe the general idea of the appliance that I built for one of the systems I work with. I’ll try to show you all problems I faced during building it and the approaches I used to solve them. Read More…

Hello world!

I began to think about my own blog approximately a year ago. However, I didn’t create it until this day because I did not know what exactly¬†should I post to it.

Now I am a lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and the blog is the perfect way to publish the information I can’t include to my lectures for some reasons.

Of course the blog isn’t limited for students audience and I hope it will be interesting for any IT people.